First, listen to the melody!

Want to win the contest?

by Dec 12th

Listen to the melody and write your best.
Think about how AMJ makes you feel.
What does AMJ mean to you?
How English affect your life?
Put those ideas together and submit!

멜로디를 듣고 떠오르는 가사를 적어보세요
AMJ는 친구들에게 어떤 곳인가요?
영어를 배우면서 내 일상에는 어떤 변화가 있었나요?
내가 만든 노래를 친구들, 선생님들 모두가 AMJ에서 흥얼거릴 모습을 상상해보세요!

12월 12일(일) 24:00까지 제출

Submit your lyrics
가사 제출하기
Candidates Picked
by Dec 17th

5 lyric works will be selected by a panel of AMJ teachers.
AMJ wants a fun and creative song, but be careful.
We will see your vocabulary, spelling and grammar, too!

AMJ 선생님들이 5개의 최종 후보 가사를 뽑습니다
나만의 재미있는 AMJ 스토리를 쓰는 것도 중요하지만
다양한 단어와 정확한 문법을 사용해주세요

during the break
(Dec 24~Jan 2)
Announce the Winner
on Jan 5th

5 selected songwriters will receive the prize and the certificate.
1 winning work
will be used for promotion to spread the value of AMJ to world!

투표결과에 따라 AMJ Jingle 최종후보 5개 중 우승 1개곡이 1월 5일(수) 발표됩니다
우승한 Jingle은 AMJ의 테마송으로 사용됩니다

See the result
우승자 보기
Film Music Video
in Winter (TBD)

Winner should take part in the video production.
All AMJ kids are more than welcome to join
to be the face of AMJ!

우승자는 노래 녹음 및 뮤직비디오 촬영에 참가합니다
뮤직비디오에는 AMJ를 사랑하는 모든 AMJ Kids가 출연할 수 있습니다

Vote for the Best Song
(during break)

Time to vote!
Listen to the 5 demo songs sung by Warren teacher and vote for your best.
You can cast multiple votes.

Warren 선생님이 부른 5개 최종후보 Jingle을 들어보세요.
AMJ 겨울방학동안 투표할 수 있습니다.
A,B,C,D,E 노래를 재생하고 가사를 확인한 뒤,
가장 마음에 드는 노래를 Vote Here을 클릭하여 뽑아주세요.
5개 노래 중 중복투표 가능합니다.

I’ll tell you a secret
I want to show off
It’s like magic,
Your dreams will come true

Teachers are the best
Friends will make you laugh
No stress in here anymore
(1, 2, 3, YEAH)

Take it, take it easy
Don’t be shy tell me what you want
Just come and enjoy your jungle life
You could be an English genius (COOL)

Follow, Follow me, go together
Don’t give up my friend
Open the door and shout it out
Welcome to AMJ

in Joy teacher's class

It’s okay to be bad at English
You can just have fun and you will learn

Level doesn’t matter,
Whether you are RED (or YELLOW!)
What matters is that you are having fun

Your enjoyment is what matters
This is AMJ
You’ve got stamps, you’ve got knowledge,
Into your brain, Come to AMJ!

Where you can study
Link and Grammar
Level doesn’t matter,
You will be in Purple soon

in Alex teacher's Class

Learning can be so fun here at AMJ
We want to learn more
but not in an ordinary way

Read and write and say
Whatever hopes and dreams you may
Have in your heart
and one day...

You will learn to aim high
Here at AMJ
Come and join us here at
What do you say?

You will learn to aim high
Here at AMJ
Come and join us here at
Here today

Damien in Alex teacher's class
& Jenny in Warren teacher's class

When I first came to AMJ,
I took a new class
Teachers were nice and fun,
we got a stamp for market day

Easy and fun Link,
Exciting Media
AMJ is always full of happiness

Come to AMJ and improve,
your English teachers will help you
It’s okay if you can’t speak well,
you’ll be able to speak it soon!
Come to AMJ and improve,
your English teachers will help you

It’s okay to start off low,
You’ll be able to reach Black soon

in Warren teacher's Class

Come visit AMJ, it’s so much fun
Come join AMJ, let me tell you why

Teachers share great love
All my friends are great
You can learn so much from us

We read everyday and talk about it
You speak more and more
Use proper grammar and write a lot
You’ll never know what you’ll become

We have market day with your stamps
Where you can get sweets
We still have more fun things,
Come and look for AMJ

in Warren teacher's class

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Both Text/Handwriting are fine.

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아래 칸에 타이핑해서 제출해도 ok, 손으로 써서 사진 찍어 첨부해도 ok!

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and the Winner is

I'll tell you a secret, I want to show off~
It's like magic, your dreams will come true!
Teachers are the best~Friends will make you laugh~
and you will be so proud of yourself
Take it, take it easy, Don't be shy~
Tell me what you want~
Just come and enjoy your Jungle life,
you could be an English genius! (Cool)
Follow, follow me, go together~
Don't give up, my friend
AMJ will make you shine,
Welcome to~ A~MJ!