2023 Seollal Challenge

Published on
January 17, 2023

2023 Seollal Challenge

Published on
January 17, 2023
January 24, 2023

Event Anouncement

1st place

500 stamps

2nd place

300 stamps

3rd place

100 stamps


50 stamps

(per block)

It's cliche to set a new year's resolution every beginning of a year...

But what's wrong with being cliche!?

It's okay to have failed last year's resolutions.

It's new year again, so let's set up for success in this year.

This time, our goals are super, micro-specific, practical, realistic, and attainable.

We don't want to make promises we can't keep.

You can make small, specific, and actionable goals that you can implement to positively impact on your life.

For example, don't say:

  • Read more books.

Instead, make it specific and actionable.

  • Find 10 books that make me feel good.

Creating good habits is incredibly useful for your life. It will improve your life quality throughout this year and beyond until it ends up with you becoming a better person. You can be a wonderful person with this AMJ Seollal Challenge.

Isn't it exciting?

Let's start!

How to

Set a goal

What's on your list

Give a reason

Why did you come up with this?

Make it actionable.

Set a specific goal so you can't fail.

Record your video

Compliment people
It makes me feel good when I compliment others. Not only does it make me happy, but it also makes others happy as well. So I will try to give as many compliments to others as possible.
Give at least one compliment a day. It can be my parents, my classmates, AMJ friends, or just a stranger.
Make minimum 3m long video with upload on your AMJ drive

Event Video

Message from AMJ

Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the new year.

Let's cross our fingers that this year's AMJ work is great!

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